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“It first began as a dream in 1934 in the mind of a 30 year old Nnamdi Azikiwe.
He saw a desperate need to nurture from our own land, home grown elites, who would not be dictated by the influence of colonialism.
Azikiwe’s educational philosophy lays bare to his idea of a rounded institution, with admirable utilitarian tendencies; this, constituted the core of his vision for the University of Nigeria.
Timeline in the Den: Here is a nothing to something story; a documentary film on the history of indigenous University education in Nigeria. The Nsukka experiment.
It tells the story of how “Nsukka” revolutionized University education in Nigeria, and its contributions to national development.
Shot in 24 states of the federation and 3 countries overseas, it is one of the most researched documentaries on education in Nigeria. It has 78 eminent interviewees who corroborated with the narrator to tell the story of this prestigious University in a timeline fashion, from inception. It is also spiced with dramatizations, art illustrations and beautiful originally scored music.
The research for this documentary began as far back as 2013, steadily gaining momentum and credibility because of the adept resource persons and consultants who employed their wealth of knowledge in seeing that a timeless masterpiece like this was brought to fruition
If you have never liked history, this will surley change your mind.
Watch out!
Title: Timeline in the Den
Duration: 115 minutes
Release date: October 2017″

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