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Ethiopia to celebrate the arrival of the new aircraft in Nigeria (New airlines, Boeing 787-9)

On Tuesday the Ethiopian Airlines landed at Nnamdi Azikiwe international Airport, Abuji with about 177 passenger on board from Adis Ababa.

‎‎The plane, which is tagged the Big Brother to Abuja, landed ‎around 11:45am with 27 passengers on board the business class while over 150 passengers were in the economic class. The new aircraft was welcomed by the officers of the Airport Fire Service with the usual flight shower to mark the arrival of new aircraft to the airport. ‎The 787 Dreamliner is the most innovative and efficient airplane family flying today. Since 2011, more than 600 Dreamliners have entered commercial services, flying almost 200 million people on more than 560 unique routes around the world, saving an estimated 19 billion pounds of fuel.‎ Speaking about the newly acquired B787-9, the Traffic and Sales Manager of Ethiopia Airline, Firiehiwot Mekonnen said purchasing “the plane is part of the company’s commitment to deliver exceptional level of service to the African market by operating the latest technologically advanced aircraft in the market.‎ “Passengers have enjoyed the unique onboard features of this latest technology aircraft such as on-board comfort thanks to their unique features such as the biggest windows in the sky, high ceiling, less noise, distinctive lighting, and higher air humidity.” Also, the Pilot of the plane, Michael Yil‎ma said the aircraft was the most economical in terms of fuel consumption and noise and noted ‎that the passengers had enjoyed the unique onboard features of  the latest technology aircraft such as on-board comfort.
Source: Ejike Ejike

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