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A heartbroken newly wife reveals how she caught her husband and aunt naked in bedroom just weeks after her wedding

A heartbroken newly wife reveals how she caught her husband and aunt naked in bedroom just weeks after her wedding

Kim Elkins, 33, of Wallsend, Tyne and wear, got married to Kenny who she met online in 2009. Her aunt Lorraine, who is only 10 years older than her, was present to help her at the wedding. Lorraine's daughter, Katryna, now 20, was a bridesmaid at the wedding.
But, unknown to Kim, her aunt who she's very close to, was having sexual relations with her husband before they got married.

Kim had allowed her aunt Lorraine Esslemont to stay in the spare room of the house she shared with Kenny Slocombe. Just weeks after the wedding, Kim came home early from work to find her new husband and her aunt Lorraine Esslemont naked in her bedroom.

“I was absolutely hysterical,” she says. “The fact they’d had sex in my marital bed made it so much worse.

“Lorraine told me, ‘We couldn’t help ourselves – we’re in love’. I was so upset Kenny had to restrain me. Lorraine was more like a best mate to me than an auntie because she was only 10 years older than me. I’d even asked her for relationship advice.

A guest at Kim and Kenny's wedding claim to have seen Kenny appearing to get very cosy with Kim’s 43-year-old aunt at the reception. But she kept it secret from her so as not to ruin her big day.

Kim's troubles began when her mum’s brother Ian and wife Lorraine found their house lease at an end. At this time, Kim already had a son with Kenny and they were planning their wedding, yet, she said they could stay in their two-bed home until they found somewhere to live.

“It was a bit cramped, as they had two children, but I wouldn’t see them stuck,” she says. “I thought it would just be a while before they found a house.

“It was nice having Lorraine around as I could talk to her about anything. Soon she and Kenny were as thick as thieves, too. Naively, I was just pleased they got on.”

But living in such cramped conditions took its toll on Ian and Lorraine’s relationship and a few months later they split after a series of blazing rows.

Catastrophically, Kim told Lorraine she could stay in their spare room as long as she wanted.

Six weeks after the wedding she caught Lorraine larking about with her new hubby on the sofa.

“They insisted it was innocent, but I felt crushed. I had a sinking feeling.”

So suspicious Kim clocked off work early next day and went home.

“I’d forgotten my key, so I banged on the door. I heard Kenny say: ‘S***, it’s Kim’,” she says.

“He came to the door and I demanded to know where Lorraine was. He said she was in the spare room, but I stormed straight into our bedroom to find her stark naked.

“I was crying so hard everything’s a bit of a blur. I don’t know what would’ve happened if Kenny hadn’t calmed me down.”

Kim threw her husband and aunt out but Kenny came back later to beg and for their son's sake she took him back.

She says: “He told me he loved me, not Lorraine. I didn’t want to give up on my marriage after six weeks.

“For Ethan’s sake, I knew I had to give it another go.

“We agreed to look for a new flat and make a fresh start.”

When Lorraine relocated to Cardigan, South Wales, Kim felt they’d be able to escape the ghosts of their past.

But it was only a few weeks before her world was shattered again. Kenny told Kim he was off to find boxes for their house move – only to text her a few minutes later saying: “I’m sorry. I can’t do this any more.”

Kim said: “I tried to ring him but he wouldn’t answer. I was beside myself. I didn’t understand how he could have done this to me a second time.”

She later found out he was 500 miles away and back with Lorraine.

Meanwhile, Kenny says he left Kim because she was too "controlling".

Asked whether she felt guilty over her relationship with her niece’s husband, Lorraine said: “No I don’t. You can’t help who you fall in love with."

Kenny and Lorraine have no regrets about their relationship and Kenny frequently posts photos of himself and Lorraine.

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