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O my God this young Nurse just hanged herself after treating children injured in Manchester Arena bombing

This young nurse battled to save the lives of children injured in the Manchester Arena bombing later took her own life.
"What's going on "😥😭
Reports below:
""""Clara Malagon, 22, who had been struggling with self-doubt and bouts of depression for some time, had been on duty on the night of the Manchester Arena bomb attack. She witnessed first-hand horrific injuries sustained by the young victims, but the 22-year-old successfully underwent counselling and had a detailed debrief about the bombing with senior doctors afterwards.
However, in July last year just seven weeks after the tragedy, Miss Malagon was found hanged at her Manchester city centre apartment. It is not known why she killed herself."""
I Don't know why people are killing themselves,
Committing suicide here and there......
Please know matter what the situation is, please endure it. It shall be well.

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  1. Just hanged her self, hmmmm,, lack of patient!!!!!


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