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The Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) on Saturday January 25, stopped the trafficking of nine girls through the Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos to Lebanon, Cairo, Dubai and India.

In a statement released by NIS’ spokesman Sunday James, it was gathered that the girls who were set to board Ethiopian, Peace, Egypt and East Airlines were busted after not being able to provide any information about their prospective employers or the nature of their jobs in the countries they were going to. 
Upon further questioning, two of the girls claimed they were "going to hustle" in Dubai while the remaining girls claimed they were going to India for “medical treatment without referrals.”
Sunday James said;
“The confessed they were going for hustle in Dubai. Another three, of the girls, claimed they were going to India for medical treatment without referrals.
“When further asked the nature of sickness they said yellow fever before they finally confessed to be going for hustle in India."
The NIS urged parents to be wary of juicy offers by family members and non-family members who want to take their children abroad.
The statement reads in part;
"The shady journey was organised by agents aimed at exploiting their innocence and ignorance.
“Considering that the Nine(9) girls had no credible mission for embarking on the failed journey they were refused departure to save their lives and dignity.
"Parents should be wary of juicy offers by family members and non-family members to take their children abroad.
“The Comptroller-General of NIS, Mr Muhammad Babandede, therefore, called on parents to be wary of juicy offers on their children, from family and non family members to take the children abroad.
”Most of these trips are deceitful, camouflaged with employment, studies or visit which may end up in exploitation or death. Operatives at the various entry and exit points will never permit them departure.
“The NIS stepped-up clearance operation that is yielding positive results in the various arrest made at the borders of the country by NIS.”

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