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FACULTY OF AGRICULTURAL & NATURAL RESOURCES MANAGEMENT ESUT, Professor Justina Uzoma Mgbada delivers inaugural lecture

Today being 20th February, 2020, Professor Justina Uzoma Mgbada delivered her 30TH INAUGURAL LECTURE at the Enugu State University of Science And Technology, Agbani Auditorium.

Her Inaugural lecture was extremely powerful indeed, with points/Research she made out and It was glorious.
Her topic for the day was:
Being an Agricultural Economist, She carried out a world wide research based on important of women in Agricultural development and its impact to the nation, pointing out the challenges and ways to overcome it. In addition, she made it known to everyone that Women are the pillar of the Agriculture.....
               A BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR MOMMY PROFESSOR JUSTINA UZOMA MGBADA for her inaugural lecture. We love you ma.... 
Photos below:

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