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Mayor of Busan, South Korea's largest port city on Thursday April 23, announced his decision to resign over sexual harassment allegation levelled against him

Oh Keo-don

Oh Keo-don who was elected as the city's mayor in the 2018 gubernatorial elections, has been under pressure to resign since a female public servant accused him of sexually assaulting her in his office.

The woman reported the April incident to a counselling centre, which sought a response from Mr Oh and she said in a statement she was "fearful" of what might come next.

The mayor however admitted to sexually harassing the civil servant and also begged for forgiveness at a press briefing today.

Oh said;

"In a short meeting that lasted five minutes, there was unnecessary physical contact with a person. I bow my head to apologize.

"As a public servant who takes responsibility, I will live my remaining life repenting and taking responsibility for this mistake. I'm at fault for everything."

Following Oh's resignation, the City's deputy mayor will serve as acting mayor until a by-election in April next year.

The ruling party, DPK has also announced its plan to hold an ethics commission on Friday April 24. Oh's fate will be decided at the meeting.

Mr Oh is the most senior South Korean politician to be caught up in a #MeToo case since a former South Chungcheong governor was convicted last year of raping his aide, and sentenced to three and half years in prison.

Oh Keo-don

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