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Governor of Lagos State, His Excellency Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu has demanded to meet with the little boy whose video went viral some couple of days

Recall that the mother of the little boy was punishing her son for an offence he committed when the little boy in his passionate words begged his mother to calm down and rest a little. The smart boy also told his mother out of tears to give him last chance. These were statements that melted the hearts of many that watched the video.

As viral such video could get, it got to the Lagos State Governor who made it clear that he watched it and was moved by the boy's words. The part that he emphasized on Is the part that the boy asked his mum to calm down and give him last chance. He however used the phrase to advise Lagosians.

In the Governor's words, he shares the same ideology with the little boy and would want to meet him.

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