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Now we're in 2021, Things you're expected to do to keep your self safe from COVID19

Now, coming to the point of staying safe from covid, there are things we're expected to do in this year 2021 to stay safer and sound.
  You know this pandemic disease is very dangerous, and if you fail to keep the rules that are meant to be kept then your doom is near.
     When this covid19 came, many people taught it was a joke but later it came to reality.
     We have rules:
Regular exercise is important for promoting and maintaining physical and mental health. Benefits include prevention of the onset 
of chronic disease, promotion of positive mental health and cognition, and reduction of social isolation. 
When community levels of COVID-19 are high, indoor exercise has been identified as higher risk activities for virus transmission, 
especially in communal settings with reduced ventilation (e.g. hot yoga) and during participation in high intensity activities (e.g. spin 
classes) or other physical activities where physical distancing cannot be maintained. From experiences in B.C., the transmission of 
COVID-19 in these settings has been primarily from groups gathering without adequate physical distance before, during, or after the
activity. This is the rationale behind many of the Provincial Health Officer orders aimed at reducing group activities or those that 
have the potential for group gatherings where appropriate physical distancing is not maintained. 

There is no evidence-based consensus on what differentiates high intensity vs. low intensity group exercise, especially as it relates to 
the risk of COVID-19 transmission. Separating out activities into specific categories of risk is also challenging because an activity that 
may be “high intensity” for one individual may be considered “low intensity” for another, depending on their physical fitness. 
For the purposes of these guidelines, exercise that generally results in significantly increased respiration rates is considered high 
intensity, while exercise that does not result in significantly increased respiration rates is considered low intensity. While it is 
recognized this is a broad definition, the overarching intent is to support people to participate in important health-promoting 
activities while reducing COVID-19 transmission risk. In general, high intensity exercise (especially in groups or communal spaces) 
leads to greater risk of COVID-19 transmission than low intensity exercise.

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