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Things that you're meant to do in this 2021

Since last year, the world as a whole was facing challenges of pandemic virus which is COVID19, people were suffering because of this pandemic, foods were scares and movements were restricted because of the covid19, people suffered like mad. Sometimes i wonder why this pandemic had to escalate all over the earth. See what's happen in someone other country because of this virus. Covid19 has push down the economic calendar to base one. GDP and also some commodities were affected because of this out break COVID19 academic on this earth as a whole.
Pandemic has caused many time. Some people lost their loved ones because of this pandemic, lives were lost because of this virus. So many people lost their appointment because of this virus out break, even sports and other athlete were affected and suspended because this virus were growing fastest, due to this pandemic some players loose their lives because of this covid19.
Some election were withdrawal because of this pandemic disease that were escalating every where. 2020 was a year people can not forget because it was a year people mate  destruction and lost many things. This virus brought operation stay in side your house if you love your self then you obey the law of safety. Because of this pandemic, some religious lost their days of activities while obeying the rules of staying indoor. Imagine some  pastors were afraid of this covid19, everyone were putting on face mask just because of this covid19 and obeying social distance just for safety. This covid19 came for a reason, this covid came to tast the faith of humans. Majority fail because of fear, lost hope and even committed suicide because of this pandemic disease. Some now that we  are in new year 2021, we have to grow stronger and abstain from evil act so that this pandemic can not repeat it self again

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